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JVV Agro International Group, Inc. (JVV) was founded in 2015 with the purpose of finding markets for US-manufactured equipment overseas, specifically targeting East and Central African countries. To date, JVV has completed registration processes in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. Plans are underway to complete registration in South Sudan, Ethiopia and Zambia by the end of 2022.

JVV is proud of its business model of not only doing what we do best—marketing “Made in the USA”— but also of creating jobs in the US through export of the best of American technology, quality and innovation. The emerging economies of East and Central African markets will also benefit greatly from the high efficiency, durability and utility derived from American made goods regardless of price difference.

Through our preliminary feasibility market survey, JVV has confirmed the existence of potential markets in this region and have laid the groundwork by contacting and introducing ourselves to various Government entities, Agricultural research Centers, non-profit organizations, Farms (both government and privately owned), academic institutions, laboratories and others market outlets in this region in a bid to hit the ground running either directly or indirectly through our local agents supply chain as well and field offices in these countries.

Part of our approach is also to build rapport with our clients and foster lasting relationships locally, thus out-competing other suppliers in the region where the guarantee of durable goods and repeat business are non-existent because of the focus on short term goals.

We are ready to be your gateway to a new business opportunity: put our foreign trade expertise and connections to work for you!